Planning group travel doesn't have to be so darn stressful...

...because only GroupCollect gives tour operators the ability to streamline passenger payments & passenger registration. Trip leaders will love you.

How did we get so smart? ;)

Designed from the collective wisdom of 30 years of group travel planning experience & feedback from our awesome customers.

You Know There's a Better Way...

GroupCollect was built to help your trip leaders collect all the passenger information and passenger payments you need to book their trip. Then, we give you the workflows and reports to create room lists, flight lists, etc.

Your passengers will love you!

Passengers can submit all the trip registration information and payments online from any device.
Sign Permission Slips Online
It's not fun collecting hand-signed waivers. Start collecting all the forms you need from Day 1 online and organized.
Payment Collection
Passengers can pay online with a credit card, bank card or e-check, or even set-up auto-payments. Reduce passenger drops by making payments easier.
Online Registration
Your new registration process is branded with your logo and colors. This gives your passengers a sense of professionalism.

Your trip leaders will love you...

They'll be worried less about trip paperwork. No more turning in forms andchasing down payments.
Organized Passenger Info
We'll collect all the necessary passenger information, waivers, and paperwork from the passengers.
Collect Passenger Payments
See who's paid at any moment. Retain complete control over the trip-planning process.
Send Announcements
Email or text message all your passengers at once. "Meet us in the lobby at 7am," or text all guardians, "The bus is running late"

Tour operators, like you, love us...

Collect passenger data and payments from Day 1. No more chasing down info at the last minute.
Improve Cashflow
Sell trip add-ons like travel insurance, upgrades, and excursions. Plus, automated payment collection.
Safer Trips
Collect passenger medical info and dietary restrictions to provide a better experience and higher level of passenger safety.
Fewer Spreadsheets
Ensure accurate, current passenger info (up to the minute). Accessible online from any web-enabled device.

Fewer Spreadsheet Headaches...

GroupCollect brings list creation into one shared platform where Tour Operators and Trip Leaders are working from the same passenger list.  This means no more last-minute "final spreadsheets."

Flight List
Reduce the cost of name change fees and cancellations by collecting passenger details from the passenger.
Rooming List
Reduce the cost of incomplete rooms by having accurate passenger count information at your fingertips.
Medical Info
Medical information is especially hard to collect and dangerous if not distributed well. The safety of your travelers is vital.
Bus List
Create a bus roster and know which passengers belong on each bus. Create roll call sheets for chaperones.
T-Shirt Sizes
Many tour operators offer add-ons to their trip packages. Collect additional info like shirt size and color for the trip leaders.
Meal Pre-Orders
Many restaurants will require you to submit a group meal pre-order. Collect and distribute meal selections to these establishments.
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