Planning group travel doesn't have to be so darn stressful... it can be better.

Only GroupCollect gives tour operators the ability to streamline passenger payments & passenger registration. Trip leaders will love you for using GroupCollect.

We love our customers! And we put in the work to make sure the feeling is mutual.

You're in Good Company

We've processed tens of millions of dollars of transactions from your industry friends, peers, and leaders. We're honored to work with large companies and small businesses alike.

Trip Leaders, Tour Operators, & Passengers

GroupCollect is a tool built for tour operators, trip leaders, and passengers. Here are a few ways we can help.

Tour Operators

Collect passenger details & passenger payments. Worry less about paperwork, missed payment deadlines, name changes, and general miscommunications

Online Trip Registration

Access any piece of passenger data quickly from any web-enabled device. From emergency contact info to medical info, passenger data is at your fingertips.

Collect Waivers & Permission Slips

Start collecting travel documents, permission slips, waivers all in the trip registration process. No more chasing down signatures at the last minute.

Automate Trip Payments

The payment features of GroupCollect are powerful. We can collect deposits for trips, trip payment, or stay fully manual with payments, fully customizable.

Trip Leaders

Trip leaders want you to make their lives easier. They don't want to be responsible for chasing down passenger payments, waivers, and other paperwork.

Better Communication

Using GroupCollect you can emails or SMS message to trip passengers or parental guardians. Help the trip leader travel with less stress.

Trip Marketing Landing Page

The trip leader can promote the trip landing page, that you create, which helps sell the trip... add videos, add photos!

Upgrade Your Trip

Trip leaders can work with tour operators to create additional excursion add-ons and sell them directly to the passengers.

Trip Passengers

Hello this is Mr. Brown, we will be using GroupCollect to send you reminders during the band trip to Washington D.C.
Be sure to be in the lobby before 7am, we load the busses at 7:15am. - Mr. Brown
Please check with your group leader to find out your meeting times and locations. - Mr. Brown

Trip Passengers

It's 2021, your customers expect the registration process to be online, e-signatures, only payments. They also expect email communications and SMS reminders.

Make Payments Online

Passengers can pay online for their trips, hitting payment milestones via their bank card or e-check.

Receive Payments Reminders

Passengers will receive reminders on upcoming payments. They can also opt-in to our Autopay feature.

Purchase Trip Protection

Passengers can optionally choose to purchase trip protection through the GroupCollect platform which means additional revenue for you.

Ready to dive in? Let's start with demo!

We'd absolutely love to show you the GroupCollect platform. We built this product to meet the needs of our own group travel company and gathered feedback from dozens of other tour operators to create something we're really proud of.

Registering our son, Connor, for his school trip was as simple as you'd hope. It's 2021 — we expect everything to be accessible from our smartphones.
Danielle & Tom Mulick
Panama City, Florida

Aw, shucks. We love you, too!

Here's some really kind words said by our customers (friends). We work hard to make their lives easier and they give us overly generous testimonials. We'd love the opportunity for you to join our friends list.

“Their system is great! The people I have interacted with really take the time to help me understand not only their offering, but also how we can work together to make it better in the future."
Marc Fioravanti, President of Performance Tours
"GroupCollect has been a game changer for our company and for our clients. Working with them is one of the best decisions I have made to move our company forward."
Barb Mock, President of Travel With Barb
“Group Collect is pure gold! The efficient system for the collection of traveler information, the ability to make payments, and sign paperwork The ease of use has literally made everyone's lives easier."
John & Amber Mize of Troubadour Consultants
“We are so pleased with the choice we made; it brilliantly serves to assist our clients, streamline our reservations, and majorly combines finance efforts with the general operations to effectively have a seamless operational platform."
Michele Hammock, Founder of Stem Study Tours
Here's a few of our customers' favorite GroupCollect features.

Some of our key features

Our combined personal experience in the group travel industry is well over 50 years but feedback from our customers means we're always improving existing features and building new ones.

Online Passenger Registration

Tour Operators can quickly launch a trip landing page & open registration.

Sign Permission Slips

You can collect waivers, permission slips, any passenger document you need.

Passenger Medical Data

We can collect medical data, food allergies, all types of passenger data.

Payment Collection Automation

Automate trip payments from your passengers, ACH or Bank Card.

Payment Collection

We gently collect payments from your passengers, ACH or Bank Card.

Sell Trip Protection

Increase revenue by offering trip projection from TripMate. We handle the paperwork.

Build Passenger Lists

Quickly create flight lists, hotel rooming list, bus rosters, any lists.

Passenger Announcements

Quickly email or SMS passengers, parents, or emergency contacts.

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