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GroupCollect Enriches and Expands its Company Brand Identity

Erik Young ·

St. Augustine, FL (September 6th) - GroupCollect experienced unprecedented growth in the last eighteen months and is now expanding its product portfolio in conjunction with a new company brand identity. These exciting changes take effect immediately, starting with the launch of their new corporate website via, LinkedIn and other social media channels. Customers and interested parties can now learn more about GroupCollect’s newest product offerings, recent events & webinars, team, news & insights, as well as their heritage as a premier provider of passenger payments and registration workflows to group multi-day tour operators through these new digital channels.

Amongst the company brand identity changes, GroupCollect will now become the company’s master brand over their entire product portfolio. The payment and registration product is being renamed to GroupCollect Register and will continue to provide best-in-class registration, payment, and group travel planning capabilities that customers, trip leaders, and trip passengers know, love, and rely on year-after-year. New branding changes will take effect inside of GroupCollect Register along with the Online Help Center and other various communication touch points in the coming weeks.

Additionally, GroupCollect is pleased to introduce its second product offering under the name GroupCollect Supplier Link, which is a free online marketplace where group travel suppliers will be able to post and maintain vital information such as services, locations, prices, hours, and points of contact. This new product addition will create an ultra reliable and convenient industry reference point for tour operators and other group travel organizations to source and contract with thousands of suppliers throughout the industry. Currently, suppliers are being invited to join the GroupCollect Supplier Link marketplace, and soon tour operators will be able to curate lists of preferred suppliers from within the marketplace by destination and link their data to other GroupCollect powered platforms to make creating quotes significantly faster and easier.

“For the last few years, GroupCollect has delivered unparalleled registration and payment experiences for a high volume of tour operators and their passengers. I am thrilled for us to take the next step in our company’s evolution with both the GroupCollect Register and GroupCollect Supplier Link" said Bud Geissler, President of GroupCollect. Geissler added, "We kept GroupCollect at the center of our identity because we believe it signifies our strong heritage in understanding group travel and belief that user collaboration should be at the heart of everything we do. This next phase will allow us to expand our solutions to the operational side of group travel. Our team’s industry knowledge has been combined with a rock star development team and the result is this amazing adventure called GroupCollect.”

In the coming months, GroupCollect Supplier Link will primarily grow the supplier database side of its marketplace with vetted information across a variety of supplier types such as: motor coaches, restaurants, hotels, attractions, and other group services. Select tour operators will be invited to explore the marketplace and provide feedback to shape the final product rollout which is planned for 2024. Tour operators seeking to be part of the early beta access to GroupCollect Supplier Link can request an invitation by emailing

About GroupCollect

GroupCollect takes the stress out of trip planning by giving tour operators the ability to streamline passenger payments and registration workflows. Since their inception, GroupCollect has processed millions of financial transactions and supported thousands of students in touring and performing in top destinations throughout the U.S. and abroad. Their mission is to usher the group travel industry into an era where planning a group trip is simple, consistent, and efficient for all parties involved: trip leaders, tour operators, and travelers. By radically improving the trip planning process, GroupCollect can help all stakeholders radically improve group travel in general, leading to substantial yet sustainable growth for the entire industry. Learn more by visiting as well as GroupCollect on Facebook and LinkedIn.