GroupCollect Supplier Link

GroupCollect Supplier Link helps suppliers and tour operators do business better all year-round. This online marketplace allows suppliers to put their offerings on a highly accessible platform and ensure that it's actively updated so its always accurate. 

Plus, tour operators will love being able to access this right at the moment when it's most crucial: while building itineraries.

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You know the feeling: sitting at a table and striking a great deal with a tour operator. It’s phenomenal! But what if you could experience that feeling ...all the time? That’s what GroupCollect Supplier Link is designed to help you achieve.

Free Enrollment

It's free to sign up for GroupCollect Supplier Link. Plus, after your company is verified, you'll be able to invite your team and create a profile in no time.

Manage Your Offerings

Manage all the information tour operators need including: locations, hours of operation, pricing, and points of contact. Most importantly, suppliers can update their information whenever necessary.

Preferred Supplier Status

Joining the GroupCollect Supplier Link community means your company will gain instant exposure to hundreds of tour operators who use other GroupCollect platforms.


GroupCollect Supplier Link aspires to end all of the uncertainty and bring a new element of efficiency to the world of group travel planning. Consider this platform a treasure trove of high-quality, vetted suppliers with the information you need to do your job better than ever.

These are just some of the exciting features that will be coming soon!

Build Your Supplier List

GroupCollect Supplier Link will soon have the ability to link with an additional platform for tour operators where they can curate lists of their favorite suppliers by service or destination.

More Reliable Information

With suppliers updating their offerings on the platform in real-time, you can move forward booking trips with more confidence and efficiency than ever before.

Generate Quotes Faster

Crunching numbers and generating quotes can be a gigantic investment of time. Thanks to the information shared on GroupCollect Supplier Link, soon tour operators will be able to have the information synthesized into an easy-to-use platform that helps tour operators generate quotes easier than ever.

Close More Deals

When information flows easier from suppliers and quotes and generated with incredible ease, the results are simple: you sell more trips! GroupCollect Supplier Link is the first step in creating a more efficient system of group travel planning that will inevitably mean organic growth for your company and the industry on the whole.

How Easy Is It To Sign Up For GroupCollect Supplier Link?

Check out this video of an actual group travel supplier casually signing up for GroupCollect Supplier Link in mere seconds at an industry conference. It really is this easy (and exciting) to sign up for GroupCollect Supplier Link!