GroupCollect Register

GroupCollect Register helps everyone: tour operators, trip leaders, and passengers- all with one neatly packaged platform.

This platform can quickly help your tour operator business accept online registrations and payments from travelers, as well as helping your staff streamline their most complex operational tasks.


GroupCollect Register has revolutionized the way tour operators work. It streamlines complex operations which can help tour operators of any size scale to the next level. These are the features tour operators love the most:

Trip Registration Page

Get everyone excited about your trip with this custom web page. Feature the trip itinerary, pictures, and videos then share it all with a simple link. Plus, passengers can start to register directly from this page.

Online Registration

No more paper forms! Everything can now be completed and signed online including waivers. Plus you can ask your passengers questions (like dietary preferences) and allow them to upload documents (like passports).

Custom Trip Add-ons

Easily enhance your offerings with trip add-ons such as custom apparel, extra excursions, or even additional days and nights to extend the trip.

Trip Protection

We've integrated a trip protection purchase option directly into the registration process so that its easier than ever for passengers to protect their travel investment.

Online Payments

Collect ACH or credit cards payments online from individual passengers with a fully customizable payment schedule. Plus, passengers can an opt into an AutoPay feature to ensure payments are always on-time.


Text message or email your passengers, guardians, or emergency contacts as a group or individually whenever necessary.


Create and store your lists (bus, flight, chaperone, etc.) directly on the platform where your passengers register. No need for separate and inaccurate spreadsheets.

Financial Reporting

Easily monitor the revenue generated from each individual trip, or compile the figures to see financial results company-wide.

GroupCollect Register Resources Page

Check out our GroupCollect Register Resources page to take your mastery of the system to the next level!

Help desk management services available!

Allow us to handle your help desk emails. We have a team of GroupCollect Register experts ready to answer your passengers' questions on payment and registration. Starting at $60/month.

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GroupCollect Register has been helping tour operators for years

In this video, you can hear all the reasons why tour operators have been loving GroupCollect Register...ever since the days it was known simply as "GroupCollect"!


GroupCollect Register empowers trip leaders to work with tour operators, not against them. It grants them the ability to  take care of legitimate operational tasks, while the tour operator administrators oversee the process and give it all the final approval. These are the features that enable this highly effective dynamic: 

Payment Collection

No more chasing down handwritten checks or keeping track of cash payments and loose change. Passengers pay tour operators directly online, relieving trip leaders of being the financial middle man.

Data Access

Trip leaders can access passenger data just like an administrators so they can be the first point of contact for questions, instead of the tour operator. Additionally, trip leaders can quickly access and export data (such as dietary and medical information) when they need it most- while they're on the trip.

Bulk Payment Feature

Distribute fundraising or booster money evenly or by custom amounts to specific passengers. After tour operator approval, bulk payments can easily be accounted for in the system so every passengers' balance is accurate.


Trip leaders can assist tour operators in communicating to their groups with the same communication tools that administrators have (texting or emailing passengers, guardians, or emergency contacts as a group or individually)


Trip leaders can create any list in the system (flight, bus, chaperone, etc.) just like administrators can. Then upon completion, they can send it to the tour operator for final approval.


Passengers have no idea what GroupCollect Register is, and that's the way we want to keep it! This platform looks and functions as an extension of your company. It allows passengers to register and pay with ease so all they have to worry about is what they're going to pack! And of course, when they're going to get to travel with your company again!

Trip Registration Page

Passengers will have their questions answered and interests piqued with the registration page. It's easily accessible, shareable, and they can start their registration with the click of button.

Online Registration

Passengers are treated to the modern, online registration process they expect and will be able to register for their trip with ease.

Trip Protection

Instead of being referred to a separate company and website, passengers will be able to purchase trip protection while registering for their trip.

Online Payments

No more writing checks, or delivering cash in person. Now every trip payment can be made online by connecting directly with a checking account or credit card. Plus, passengers can be sure payments are never late with the AutoPay feature.