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GroupCollect and The Green Book Experience Join Forces to Revolutionize Multi-Day Tourism

Erik Young ·

St. Augustine, FL, November 2, 2023 – GroupCollect, the pioneer in multi-day tourism technology, and Green Book Experience (GBX), a directory of historic, heritage, and cultural sites, are delighted to announce an exciting partnership that promises to reshape the world of destination travel.

In a strategic move that solidifies their joint commitment to enhancing the traveler's experience, GBX has teamed up with GroupCollect to harness the power of their proprietary SupplierLink technology. This collaboration will result in a meticulously curated list of hotels, restaurants, attractions, and travel partners, all handpicked by GBX that specifically cater to the cultural travel enthusiasts.

Bud Geissler, President of GroupCollect, expressed his enthusiasm for this partnership: "We are thrilled to be working alongside Green Book Experience to create a new standard in multi-day tourism. With 80+ years of rich advocacy and travel expertise, GBX is the premiere organization shaping and growing cultural content in the United States and abroad. This collaboration not only aligns with our vision of providing best in class technology to multi-day tour professionals but also underscores our commitment to promoting diversity, inclusion, and the exploration of cultural heritage through travel."
"Inspired by the historic GreenBook, (GBX) is committed to connecting travelers to diverse experiences and providers most often are small, local and minority owned businesses" said Karin Aaron, President/CEO of the Green Book Experience. "Our partnership with GroupCollect and their SupplierLink technology expands our reach to thousands of travelers in an easy, simplified way. By making travel more meaningful, travelers will enjoy the rich tapestry of cultural heritage and the history that exists in every community around the world."

The collaboration between GroupCollect and Green Book Experience promises to deliver a seamless and uniquely enriching experience for all travelers who seek to explore more of the cultural treasures of the world. Together, they aim to create a first-of-its-kind platform that celebrates diversity and heritage, connecting travelers with the stories and experiences that make every journey unforgettable.

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About GroupCollect:

GroupCollect is a leader in multi-day group tourism technology, dedicated to enhancing the travel experience for individuals, groups, and travel professionals. With a focus on innovation and cutting-edge technology, GroupCollect provides comprehensive solutions for the travel industry, enabling seamless planning, registration, payments and management of multi-day group trips. Learn more by visiting as well as GroupCollect on Facebook and LinkedIn.

About The Green Book Experience:

The Green Book Experience (GBX) is a unique platform that blends historic, heritage, and cultural sites using proprietary technology to connect cultural enthusiasts. Inspired by the historic "Negro Motorists Green Book" (1938-1967), The Green Book Experience (formerly known as New Green Book for Travel) has emerged as a comprehensive online travel guide that connects users with connections to historical and cultural sites, venues, and experiences related to African American and other multi-cultural communities of color. Learn more about GBX via their website at