GroupCollect's Mission & Vision

"Plan group travel better" sounds nice. But, why? And most importantly, how? 

We're actually really glad you asked. See below for the reasons GroupCollect came into existence, and why we won't stop until the group travel industry has been radically improved for everyone.

Our Background

Many of the folks who make up the GroupCollect team have had a career in group travel. Tour operators, tour managers, suppliers, operations, marketers... we've seen how the industry functions inside and out for almost a hundred years, collectively. Over time it became more and more apparent, as magical as the world of group travel is, there were technological shortcomings in how it all worked, and abundant opportunities to make it better and more simple.

So our journey was born out of one passionate intention: to keep the magic of group travel alive. But the strategy we've taken in accomplishing that goal is to support the hard working companies that make group travel happen on a daily basis with the tech solutions they need to do their jobs easier. That way we all succeed and group travel as a whole can thrive. 

Our Mission

To usher the group travel industry into an era where planning a group trip is simple, consistent, and efficient for all parties involved: trip leaders, tour operators, and travelers.

Our Vision

To harness emergent technology and power it with our real-life experience in group travel. This will allow us to develop unique, intelligent, and intuitive solutions that unite the industry under a system of proven best practices.

By radically improving the trip planning process, we’ll radically improve group travel in general, leading to substantial yet sustainable growth for the entire industry.

Our Values

People are central to why we do what we do. Our core values reflect how we think, feel, and act towards our customers, partners, and the communities that we support:


We take a purposeful and personalized approach to user interaction. Simply put—we listen! We welcome feedback to remain aware of our users’ challenges and, when possible, use that feedback to inspire developments in our products.


We cultivate systems of helpfulness that are anticipatory and proactive when possible and highly-responsive when necessary. This mindset is deeply embedded into our culture at every scale. We want users to succeed as individuals as much as we want their companies and the industry to thrive as a whole.


We’re group travel veterans who’ve lived and breathed the shortcomings of the industry and want to help it get better. That experience sets us apart and helps us chart the course as industry leaders with your ultimate goals in mind.


We remain focused in our commitment to the group travel community we serve. By delivering tangible results in pursuit of our mission, we earn credibility that should never be taken for granted.


Though we take pride in offering our best practices to the industry, we remain keenly aware that every business operates differently based on a variety of factors. Therefore, remaining flexible, humble, and open to customization is paramount to achieving our goals.