A team people across the globe, focused on helping tour operators, trip leaders, and passengers.

Corey Black

Founder / Bossman

Corey’s experience in the group travel industry lead him to see there could be major efficiencies by streamlining office process with software. Ask Corey about his lasagna recipe.

Eugen Minciu

CTO "King Nerd"

Eugen writes code but more importantly he understands what features to build, when, and why. Eugen leads the development team and makes carrot soup on weekends.

Bud Geissler

Biz Dev / Rapper

Bud brings a 25+ year career in student travel as both a tour operator and sales at Travel Insured international to GroupCollect. Also there’s a rumor that Bud can rap.

Andrew Aunelle

Software Dev

Andrew writes code, beautiful code...but many years ago he was a physics major. So yeah, he’s really smart...and he plays guitar. Andrew is basically a nerdy Jim Croce.

Kathlyn Liles

Customer Support

Kathlyn spends her day helping customers work seamlessly with GroupCollect. She handles all customer communications. She spends her weekends with her newlywed husband and painting.

Allan Branch

Product Manager

After successfully bootstrapping & selling a couple software companies, Allan is opening breweries and helping build GroupCollect. Allan enjoys beer + designing pixels.

Jose Boza

Software Dev

José aporta casi una década de experiencia en programación a GroupCollect. Es un costarricense que vive en Berlín, Alemania. So Jose says “schön Sie zu treffen!”

Kiran Parmar


After a long career at IBM, Kiran has come out of retirement to help GroupCollect with sales. Kiran loves to land new clients and loves a gin & tonic...but who doesn’t?

Sergey Elkin

Software Dev

Clearly Sergey enjoys staring into the sunset but also writing clean code. Sergey has the best laugh and his code isn't too bad either.

Elisse Beaton

Customer Support

If Elisse isn’t helping GroupCollect customers with questions, she’s listening to true crime podcasts or planning the 21st birthday for her cat, Roxy.

Kim Daniels

Customer Support

Kim helps out on the customer success front. She was born and raised in Heidelberg, Germany. Kim loves to travel and enjoys spending time with her family and her two dogs.

Erik Young

Community Communicator

Erik specializes in video production and relaying important information to customers. He's also a published children's book author, a beer league hockey champion, and a noted taco enthusiast.

Nick Riebeek

Software Dev

Software developer for over a decade, mostly work with Elixir... my hope is that makes me one of the cool kids... no? Drat!

Tommy Nicholson

Customer Success

Tommy enjoys traveling with his wife and any activity on the water. Most of his spare time though is spent trying to wear out his two energetic dachshunds.

Sharon Keating


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GroupCollect provides trip payment and organizational software to companies who plan and organize group travel. More than likely you have a loved one traveling who you've made a trip payment on the behalf of.
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We're hiring... designers developers, and customer support.

UX Product Design

We’re looking for a talented and experienced Product Designer to help take our mission from vision to reality.

You’ll join a product team within our rapidly growing remote company, and will own design throughout the product development lifecycle—from new disruptive ideas all the way to detailed interactions and well thought-out visuals.

Please email your GitHub link and resume to allan@groupcollect.com.

Customer Support

It doesn't matter where you live or what time zone you're in because our team is 100% remote.

Your main responsibility will be to reply to customers asking for help with GroupCollect. You need to love to help others and be able to keep it friendly, even when dealing with difficult customers. You need to enjoy the whole process of turning anxious, confused, or angry customers into happy ones. You must be an excellent writer. We want our support replies to be friendly, easy to understand, and concise.

Please email your resume to corey@groupcollect.com.

Sales Associate

You must have the confidence and personality to take initiative and command a room of C-level executives. Professional drive and a hunter mentality to successfully navigate through long sales cycles and close multimillion dollar opportunities. Numbers that prove your sales success. A track record of selling intangible solutions like software or services. The ability to think critically at all phases of the sales process. Whether it's a call or discovery meeting, you'll need to carefully analyze what is being said in order to identify a prospect’s true needs and requirements.

Please email your resume to corey@groupcollect.com.

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