Free Editable PR Video for Tour Operators

Dealing with the flood of upset, nervous, and scared customers is a tough job. Let's get through this together.

The goal of this video is to give you another resource in handling the demands of your client list and passengers.

This video is 100% free for tour operators to use in their business. Below is a preview of the full video.

Goal: To Help Tour Operators Handle Customers

We're here to help you effectively run your business.

Ways to Use This Video

  • Embed or link this video in your auto-responder emails. This video can help set the expectation with your customer that you're working hard for them.
  • Embed or link on your website. You could put this video on your contact page or front page. Your customers are looking for your contact info.
  • Link it in your email signature. It can be a friendly reminder to your customers that you care about them and their trip.

Download Files & Get Started

You own this video. No cost, no fees. It's yours.

Free Downloadables

  • Complete Video (ready to be uploaded). You can simply upload our fully edited video. Upload it to YouTube, Wistia, or whatever video hosting platform you like.
  • Video without voiceover. You can download this file and use iMovie or another video-editing software package to add your own voiceover onto this video. You can even read our script or create your own.
  • Video without voiceover & no music. Add your own music and voiceover. Use our script or create your own.

Free Video Editing Tutorials

  • iMovie for iOS: This tutorial demonstrates how to use the voiceover feature of iMovie on iOS.
  • iMovie on OSX: This tutorial demonstrates how to use the voiceover feature of iMovie on OSX desktop.
  • Quicktime Tutorial: This tutorial demonstrates how to use the voiceover feature of Quicktime on Mac desktop.

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Tour Operators: Organize Your Passengers' Registration Process

  • Online Registration
  • Automate Trip Payments
  • Offer TripMate Trip Protection
  • SMS & Email Trip Announcements
  • Collect Medical Info
  • Sign Documents Online
  • Build Flight & Room Lists
  • Passenger Registration