Hassle-Free Trip Protection

TripMate (Generali) has partnered with GroupCollect to provide your passengers trip protection. We literally handle everything allowing you to sell trip projection without the hassle but you make a healthy commission.

Offer Trip Protection, Raise Trip Revenue

You can create an additional revenue stream without the hassle.

Industry Leader Partners

TripMate (Generali) isn't some fly-by-night company. They're industry leaders, who stand by their products.

Hassle-Free Trip Protection

Offer trip protection without state registration, no background checks, earn a commission without hassle.

Earn a Healthy Commission

By simply adding the option for your passengers to buy trip protection you'll create an additional revenue stream.

Literally No Paperwork

Seriously, when we mean, no paper, literally, none. We handle all the data communication with TripMate.

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