We help your Passengers...

...by giving them online registration, payment reminders, payment processing & e-waivers

How a Passenger uses GroupCollect

Once a trip is announced, your trip leader will give passengers a unique link to start the registration process.
  • Passengers Register Online

    Go online and register for your trip. Submit all the information needed to put down a deposit and reserve your seat on the trip.

  • Sign Permission Slips Online

    Sign waivers & permission slips online. Also answer medical questions & add emergency contact information.

  • Reserve a Seat with a Deposit

    Once the passenger has submitted all the necessary information and documents, they can make a deposit.

  • Receive Payments Reminders

    Passengers will receive reminders on upcoming payments. They can also opt-in to our Autopay feature.

  • Make Milestone Payments Online

    Passengers can pay online for their trips, hitting payment milestones via their bank card or e-check.

  • Purchase Trip Protection

    Passengers can optionally choose to purchase trip protection thru the GroupCollect platform which means additional revenue for you.

Fully responsive

Our software adapts its display according to the device you're using.

Looks great everywhere

All web-enabled devices anywhere in the world will allow access to GroupCollect.

Secure & Safe

Your data is protected by web standard safety compliance & security protocols.

During the trip, stay in touch

Once a trip has started, your trip leaders can communicate via SMS or email with passengers & guardians.
  • Handle Emergency Situations

    When emergency situations happen, passengers will know you're in control since you have all their critical information and contacts at your fingertips.

  • SMS Text Messages

    Passengers will love that you're able to SMS message updates, schedule reminders, & notifications during their travels.

    Examples Usage
    • "The bus is 45 minutes late,"
    • "Please bring your poncho today, rain is expected."
    • "Parents, we've moved the pickup location to the gymnasium parking lot."
  • Email Communication

    For less time-sensitive communication, trip leaders can use email communications from the GroupCollect platform.

    Examples Usage
    • "Parents, please make sure your student packs their charger cord for their communication device."
    • "There's a weather change in Washington D.C. Please bring a heavy winter coat."

Passengers and guardians will feel safe, knowing you have all the information you need in case of a travel emergency.

Permission Slips
Medical Info
Emergency Contact Information
Tools for Communication

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