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Trip Passengers

Our goal is to be a transparent layer to your trip passengers. These are your customers, we want to deliver a seamless trip registration and trip payment experience.

"My groups love GroupCollect because it takes away all the hassle of payment and data collection plus combines super user-friendly options for rooming, coaches and other types of reporting needed for operations."
Michele Hammock from STEM Study Tours
Passengers expect online registration, esigning documents & we give you all these features!

Streamlined Travel for Trip Passengers

We believe, if we do our job correctly, your trip passengers won't even notice GroupCollect. They'll simply register for the trip, follow the payment reminders, and have the best trip of their lives.

Starting at Trip Launch

GroupCollect provides the tour operator features which helps trip passengers from the trip launch to post-trip communication.

Trip Landing Page

Passengers are directed to a custom trip landing page to learn more about the trip. On this page Tour Operators can add photos and video to help the passenger get excited about their group trip.

Online Passenger Registrations

From the trip landing page, passengers can register for the trip. Tour operators can create custom registration experiences for their passengers. Sign travel waivers & permission slips online.

Online Trip Payments

Once registered the passenger can make a deposit for the trip to reserve their seat. The passenger can select autopayments or receive payment reminders to keep their trip payments on schedule.
Registering our son, Connor, for his school trip was as simple as you'd hope. It's 2021 — we expect everything to be accessible from our smartphones.
Danielle & Tom Mulick
Panama City, Florida
Collecting personal information for travel shouldn't be on paperforms, that's scary.
Chris & Rebecca Tate
Hoover, Alabama

Optional: Buy Trip Protection

Passenger can choose to purchase TripMate (Generali) trip protection. No paperwork for the tour operator.

Clear Trip Communication

Passengers and guardians will travel with less stress because of clear and precise communication from trip leaders via email and/or SMS message.

Send Announcements

Email or text message all your passengers at once. "Meet us in the lobby at 7am," or text all guardians, "The bus is running late"
Passengers will appreciate the extra care we've put into GroupCollect for them...

One Login, Multiple Passengers

Many times siblings, partners, couples travel together and want to register and pay together. GroupCollect allows for this scenario.

One Login, Multiple Trips

Often times, especially in student travel one family will have a child on different trips. GroupCollect allows for this scenario.

Data Security

We do not take storing your data lightly. We take abundant security measures to ensure passenger data is safe and secure.

Our Mission

Our passenger registration and trip payment process is so seamless your passenger conversion rate will increase.

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