features to help...

Trip Leaders

We give your trip leaders special features which help them collect the data and payments you need to book the trip. Then, we generate all the reports you need as a tour operator.

"We can focus on the music and Green Light Group (because of GroupCollect's software) can focus on the financials of the trip."
Todd Berridge from the Permian HS Orchestra

Online Registration

Instead of paper forms filled out by guardians and passenger you can provide online registration.

Payment Collection

No more chasing down handwritten checks for trip payments, passengers can pay Tour Operators directly on a schedule.

Permission Slips

Say goodbye to stacks and stacks of paper, handsigned waivers, permission slips, collect those documents and signatures online.

Offer Trip Protection

Trip leaders can suggest trip protection to their passengers to ensure they're protected. Trip protection provided by TripMate (Generali).

Our customers love us, we work hard to make their workload easier.

Streamlined Workflows for Trip Leaders

GroupCollect isn't just a tool that benefits tour operators, we have features which help Trip Leaders. After all, they just want to lead a great trip.

Starting at Trip Launch

At the start of trip registration launch, GroupCollect is there with features to help things run smoothly.

Trip Landing Page

Take the burden of "selling" your trips off their shoulders by creating a custom marketing landing page with photos and videos. Increase passenger conversions with better trip marketing.

Passenger Registrations

No need to collect stacks of paper registration forms, medical waivers, & permission slips. GroupCollect removes the buried of paper reconciliation, scanning, and storage. We make registration easier for passengers and trip leaders.

Send Announcements

Communication during the trip is paramount. Passengers forget what time to meet you in the lobby, guardians forget what time the airport shuttles leave. GroupCollect has a powerful email and SMS communication tool.
  • Example: Via SMS remind parents when to drop-off their kids for departure.
  • Example: Email passengers a weather report before the trip leaves so they know what to pack.
  • Example: Via SMS remind passengers when to meet the group in the lobby for the day.
  • ...and many other situations.

Ease of Re-registration

So many times, especially in student travel, a passenger's sibling will travel the next year. With account holders registration is simple and even easier. We understand your best customers will travel on multiple trips.

Trip Passengers

Hello this is Mr. Brown, we will be using GroupCollect to send you reminders during the band trip to Washington D.C.
Be sure to be in the lobby before 7am, we load the busses at 7:15am. - Mr. Brown
Please check with your group leader to find out your meeting times and locations. - Mr. Brown
During a trip, GroupCollect keeps you organized, here's how...

Communicate Quickly

Trip leaders and tour operators can message the trip's passenger list or their guardians with updates or a change of plans, we provide an email or SMS option.

Custom Lists

Organizing the various pieces of the trip no longer a hassle. Flight lists, hotel roomming lists, bus & shuttle lists. GroupCollect gives you a centralized place to organize passengers.

Data at Your Fingertips

Access any piece of passenger data quickly from any web-enabled device. From emergency contact info to medical info, passenger data is at your fingertips.

Submit Pre-Ordered Meals

Track food allegeries, collect meal orders for your food vendors at registration. Send the meal pre-order in advance. Your food and beverage vendors will love you for it.

Trip Leaders Love Us!

Here's some really kind words said by our customers (friends). We work hard to make their lives easier and they give us overly generous testimonals. We'd love the opportunity for you to join our friends list.

“The money is out of the trip leaders hands, that's the best part!"
Todd Berridge, orchestra director
“We get to go back to teaching our kids!"
Lyndsay Eiben, band director
“Turning in forms has been taken out of our hands and parents can do that at their leisure from home. "
Larry Doran, band director
“It is, without a doubt that GroupCollect can accept credit card payments from parents."
Trey Burns, band director

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