We help Trip Leaders...

...ditch paper registration and collect permission slips. No more chasing trip payments.

Trip leaders will love you...

We give your trip leaders special features which help them collect the data and payments you need to book the trip. Then we generate all the reports you need as a tour operator.

  • No More Paper Registration Forms
  • Collect Medical History & Allergies
  • Send Email & SMS Announcements
  • See Who's Paid & Registered
  • Distribute Fundraising Money
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How Trip Leaders use GroupCollect

...your trip leaders will share a special registration link for their passengers to use for registration and payments.
  • Paperless Registration

    Instead of collecting paper registration forms, following up with passengers about deposits and progress payments. Trip leaders simply direct their passengers can go online and register for your trip.

    Customizable Passenger Registration
    • Full Passenger Name
    • Emergency Contact Info
    • E-Signatures on Permission Slips
    • Medical History & Allergies
    • Select Meal Pre-Orders
  • Stressless Trip Payments

    Trip leaders are busy, now they can automate passenger payment reminders. GroupCollect gently reminds the passengers of upcoming trip payments.

  • Upgrade Your Trip

    Trip leaders can work with tour operators to create additional experiencial excursion add-ons and sell directly to the passengers.

    Tour Operators can sell add-ons like...
    • Baseball Game Tickets
    • Group Travel T-Shirts
    • Flight Upgrades
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With GroupCollect
The Benefit

Sadly trip leader do not properly describe how wonderful the trip will be to their possible passengers.

Tour Operators have control over the way the trip is presented to the possible passengers. Finally you'll be able to explain the value of a tour properly.

Now you'll have control over how your tour packages & excursions are described. You will have greater participation...thus more sales and more revenue!

Trip leaders are notoriously bad at estimating the number of passengers who will participate. You waste so much time getting quotes and deposits using their bad estimates. 

You will have more accurate passenger estimates thus more accurate quotes for tour packages, shuttles, flights, and hotels blocks.

Having an accurate participation count means fewer cashflow mistakes and more accurate group pricing from the beginning of the trip.

Currently you receive paper handwritten registration forms. These forms need to transcribed.

With GroupCollect passengers register online this means you'll say goodbye to paper registration forms. Fewer mistakes with passenger information.

Current and correct information straight from the passenger or guardian. Fewer name changes and way less confusion.

Trip Leader collect checks from parents, passenger, guardians, process and consolidate one payment to the tour operator.

PPG: pay their deposit and trip payments to you directly. More transparent way to plan the trip and run your business.

Direct deposits and payments from passengers mean fewer cashflow delays.

Trip leaders would call parents, send paper note reminders, email and chase trip payments.

Passengers receive email notifications as payment reminders.

Reduce cancelations. Which are more effective at collecting payments which means a higher rate of participation.

Trip leaders managing the participant list manually. As the trip leader builds rooming lists, flight lists, bus lists, this ever-changing participant list becomes impossible to organize.

The collaboration between the tour operator and trip leader becomes less problematic with one shared, web-based participant list.

Accurate information saves you headaches.

Communication and Safety

Communication and Safety

Communication and Safety

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