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Tour Operators

We do some of the heavy lifting by collecting passenger payments & information. Then, you're able to generate the reports you need to successfully plan the trip.

"Their system is great, The people I have interacted with really take the time to help me understand not only their offering, but also how we can work together to make it better in the future."
Marc Fioravanti from Performance Tours

Passenger Registration

Quickly launch a trip landing page & automate the registration process.

Payment Collection

We gently collect payments from your passengers, ACH or Bank Card.

Permission Slips

Collect waivers, permission slips, any passenger document you need.

Passenger Announcements

Quickly email or SMS passengers, parents, or emergency contacts.

Sell Trip Protection

You can increase revenue by offering trip projection from TripMate.

Passenger Medical Data

Collect medical data, food allergies, all types of passenger data.

Flight Manifest

Quickly create flight lists, hotel rooming list, bus rosters, any lists.

T-Shirt Sizes

Add registration questions like t-shirt size, food preferrences etc.

We Tour Operators

Video Overview of GroupCollect

We designed GroupCollect to collect passenger details & passenger payments. Then we give you, the tour operator, the ability to worry less about paperwork, missed payment deadlines, name changes, and general miscommunications.

Tour operators can customize the trip registration process...

Custom Trip Marketing Page

Create a custom landing page with online registration forms to convert more people to passengers.

Custom Registration

Sell trip add-ons, collect special data fields, e-sign custom documents, we have a fully customizable registration.

Track Registration Progress

We track and show you where your registrations are in the sales funnel. Who is missing registration info, who's paid.

Collect Deposits

GroupCollect is customizable you can choose to take deposits to reserve a trip seat or optionally don't accept deposits.

Collect Online Payments

Automate passenger ACH & credit card payments or turn that feature off & collect payment from the trip leader.

Registration Waitlist

We're able to collect passenger information for overflow passengers and registrations after the cut-off date, incase of passenger cancellations.

Quickly organize passengers into lists, access your lists from any web-enabled device.

Rooming Lists

Quickly build a rooming list for passengers and hotel rooms. Set room building perferences like gender, trip package etc. Access your hotel list from any web-enabled device.

Flight Manifests

Flight lists can be a pain, but not if you're using GroupCollect. Quickly build a list, make changes, no more duplicate spreadsheets.

Bus & Shuttle Lists

Keeping track of passengers during the trip is a coordinated effort with the trip leader. Export shuttle lists not just for the vendor but for bus leaders to give a role call.

GroupCollect helps your trip leaders during a trip as well, here's how...

See Passenger Details

Access any piece of passenger data quickly. Emergency contact info to medical info, passenger data is at your fingertips.

Reports Anytime, Anyplace

Quickly generate bus lists, room lists, flight manifests and meal pre-orders. Trip data is at your fingertips.

Communicate Quickly

Quickly message your entire passenger list or even their guardians with updates or a change of plans, we provide an email or SMS option.

Hassle-Free Trip Protection

TripMate (Generali) has partnered with GroupCollect to provide your passengers trip protection. We literally handle everything allowing you to sell trip projection without the hassle but you make a healthy commission.

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