Communicating New Safety Protocols

As the country reopens and students start to plan class trips, trip leaders will choose their tour operators by a new standard: safety protocols and professionalism.

You've been working hard!

Your team has been hard at work obtaining the information needed from vendors about new safety protocols for travelers. We really want these details to shine when you are selling, marketing, and sharing documents for upcoming trips.

Improve the Sales Cycle

Sales is a loaded word. It's more than emails, proposals, and phone calls. It's about the messaging: how you word phrases, how you follow up. The "new normal" has made safety measures & sanitation procedures even more valuable in the eyes of your customer.

Two Relationship Types

  1. Existing Customers: These people have faith in you, somewhat. You've probably delivered a quality trip for their travelers before. So, they've come back to you.
  2. New Customers/Leads: These are people who were recommended to you, who don't really know you beyond a website and possible referral. They're the most skeptical about your professional.

Communicate Value

Sharing with your clients how you're adapting to a new way of life will help you retain your client base and be more attractive to prospective customers. Communicating that you are aware of the risks and prevention measures is key.

When cold calling, talk about your new procedures when you feel like your call is converting into a lead. This instills confidence in your prospective customer at the very beginning. Don't be a fear monger; be an ultra-precise communicator of your professionalism.

Get Your Passengers Involved

Adapt your verbiage to include trending hashtags and words. Focus on safety while traveling, but also tips on what your company’s procedures are for rest stops, or before dining. Some of those tags could be: #travelsafe+destination you are traveling to, #travel, or #safetyfirst.

Have your administrator go “live” or post a pre-recorded statement on how your team has adapted, is ready and. most importantly, is excited to travel again soon! Be open to video-calling your trip leaders, and host a parent meeting to field a Q&A session.

When finalizing the trip itinerary for a group, clearly mark your safety measures procedure with footnotes for each destination, bathroom break, hotel check-in, pre-performance and flight so your parents, trip leaders and travelers are aware.

Upsell, Upsell, Upsell

Travel insurance, especially over the next year, will be one of the most successful add-ons. Upsell your business as a trusted tour operator with the options available for travel insurance.

Don't Forget: Adjust Your Contract

Include a pandemic clause in your contracts that describes the safety precautions that have been put into place. Note that you can provide details for specific locations on request.

We hope this information helps make the transition back to the office a little easier. Being responsible, and keeping staff and coworkers safe instills confidence in them that your company cares for not only their work, but their well-being!

If you have any suggestions to add to this article, please let us know. Email Bud!

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