Asking for Positive Reviews

The travel industry is getting flooded with unfair negative reviews on all review sites. How can we combat this?

Goal: To flood our social media pages with positive reviews to bury those unfair negative reviews as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak.

The Game Plan

Here's the game plan to get positive reviews for your business. Although it might be painful, you're going to have to be very forward, direct, and clear in your communication to get people to help you.

Who to ask for reviews?

  • Customers
  • Previous or current clients
  • Neighbors
  • Relatives
  • The mailman

The ask

  • Specify goal in email or call
  • Let the reviewer know how long the review would take
  • Tell them how awesome they are!
  • Direct link to review

What do you need?

If your contact agrees to a review, let them strike while the iron is hot! If you feel that scheduled posts would help as well, make a content calendar and shared doc for your reviewers to see, or send them an calendar invite reminding them of their time to post.

(Example Sent from Tour Operator Administrator)

Dear xxxx,

Thank you for supporting us during the world’s current health crisis. We hope you and your family are doing well at this time.

In turn, I am asking for your help. (Your Company Name) has been knuckling down and going to bat for as many refunds and credits as possible on canceled trips for our travelers.

That being said, we could use some kind words about your travel experience on our social media outlets. (link to review page)

This helps us to continue providing great customer experiences, and helps potential customers decide to travel with usin the future. Not to mention, team morale is definitely lifted when we hear from the customers we love so much.

Thanks so much!

(Example Sent from Travel Coordinator/Trip Organizer)

Hi there xxxx,

Thanks so much for your continued support of me and (your company name) at this otherwise crazy time. I wanted to see if I could ask for a favor.

Can you help me?

I already think you have great taste (wink wink) and was wondering if you could drop a review on our social media page (link to review page). Although we understand it's a super stressful time for everyone, your review will contribute to the growth of our organization.

We appreciate you!

(Example Review from Vendor)

Dear xxxx,

We have truly enjoyed working with you on planning the best possible trips for our groups.

Would you be willing to share your experience with our company on our social media outlets (link to review page)?

We know you're busy, so this will only take three minutes. Feedback from our industry partners helps both of us attract customers for our continued success.

Thanks so much!

(Example Reviews from Recently Canceled Customers)

Dear xxxx,

Thank you so much for your patience regarding your refund. We have truly enjoyed working with you and hope that we can work with you again in the future.

Can I ask you to provide a review of our service on our page? I'll be honest, the last month has been hard, and we could use some positivity in our lives!

Head to (link to review page). It'll only take about three minutes of your time.

Thanks again.

(Example review from satisfied customers on past trips)

Do you already get feedback from past trips or travelers? Contact them! Their positive experience speaks volumes, especially at a mostly negative time of bad reviews.

Hello again xxxx,

I hope you are doing well, especially during this moment in time that we're all experiencing. I wanted to see if you were willing to give me 3 minutes of your time today.

If you can, would you please head to our social media page (link to review page) and drop us a nice review? Our team could use seeing some extra love, and it would help keep our ratings up as we are processing refunds.

Thanks a ton! We appreciate you and hope to travel with you again soon!

(Example review from other Tour Operators)

Showing solidarity at this time and sharing a moment of great work ethic for another company might help. This would encourage them to leave positive reviews on your site and motivate you to leave them a nice comment.

Dear xxxx,

We sincerely hope that you are doing well, and are mitigating the number of refunds you're sending to passengers and groups. We've noticed that our review traffic on our social media outlets (link to review page) has taken a downturn while we negotiate and wait for vendors to process refunds.

I'm hoping we can help each other with a kind review on each other's pages. Would you be interested?

We are stronger together! Thanks so much.

Great Resources on How to Get Reviews:

  • Hubspot suggests meeting customers "where they are."
  • Marketing Land suggests offering the person asking for the review some form of incentive. By letting the reviewer know that the employee will get a bonus if the person posts a review, it might motivate them to post the review and help them out.

Did we miss any tips? Do you have suggestions? Email Camille!

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